Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Pattern Adorable Winter Mitten Ornament

Adorable Winter Mitten Ornament Free Pattern

Hook: 3.23mm and 3.75 mm
Worsted weight yarn

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
sl st: slip stitch
dc: double crochet
sk: skip
inc: increase
sc2tog: single 2 crochet together ( same as decrease)

Row 1:in second ch from hook, sc all along (5sc)
Row 2 to 16:  ch1. in front loop only, sc all along (5sc)

Mitten's "Body":
Row 17, you will begin working in the round,  ch1 Sl st in the first st of right corner, then you will be working along one of the long sides of your cuff. you will have pick up 20 sc. sl st to first sc to work in the round.

Round 1: Change to bigger size hook, sl st, ch1, 10sc, inc, 10sc ( 22sc)

Round 2: sc all around.
Round 3: 10 sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 10sc (24sc).
Round 4: sc all around (24sc)
Round 5: 10sc, inc, 4sc, inc, 10sc (26sc)

Round 6: sc all around (26sc)
Round 7: 10sc, ch2, sk 4st, sl st in next st, 10sc (28sc)
Round 8 to12: sc all around (22sc)
Round 13:sc2tog all around (11sc)
Round 14: sc2tog (6sc) Fasten off

sl st in one of the 8 st left before.

Work in the round Round 1 :ch1, sc in same st, inc, 6sc, inc (10sc)
Round 2 to 4 : sc al around
Round 5: sc2tog all around fasten off.

For Loop: ch 13 attach to the back of mitten's cuff with tapestry needle
Voila You just made an adorable Mitten Ornament.

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